Friday, July 27, 2007

The last Friday in July..

**What are your nicest and ugliest articles of clothing? Well, it's really sad to say that my nicest articles of clothing are a pair of black slacks and a nice black cardigan. Since having Graycen I haven't needed to have any nice clothes. I bought a dress for a wedding I was supposed to go to a couple of months ago, but we didn't end up going so I returned it. :( My ugliest...well, I just got rid of that one. It was an old, ratty, Old Navy t-shirt of David's that I kind of took-over. It had holes galore in it. I wore it to bed all the time. it was one of the most comfortable things ever. I figured, once I could see "anything" through the holes it was time to go. It went bye-bye last week.
**What are your favorite and least-favorite things about the city/town you live in? I love that there is always something to do - always! My least favorite is - lately, I have been noticing how rude people have gotten. I am sure it is this way everywhere, but I don't live everywhere else.
**What were the longest and shortest durations of your romantic relationships? The shortest was probably like 1 month. It was a high school thing. Longest - currently, David and I have been together for a little over 9 years and married for 4.
**Who are the oldest and youngest people in your family? Oldest is my Grandpa, even though I am not sure of his age. Youngest, would be little Ava, who was just born on July 6!
**Who are your neatest and messiest friends? Well, I am not going to subject any of my friends to having the title "messiest friend" so I will say myself. My neatest friend, however, would definitely be Betsy. She worked full time and has 2 kids and a husband and her house is ALWAYS spotless. I don't know how she does it. Well, I do.... but I don't do it!

**NOTE** This is NOT my house!

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