Thursday, April 5, 2007

Poor girl

I feel so bad for dear little Graycen. Her teeth are so close to cutting through. I feel like she is in so much pain (and I am sure she is) Everything she can put in her mouth is going in her mouth...doesn't matter what it is! She is drooling like nothing else. She has been pretty warm the past couple days..not a fever, just warm. Her appetite has decreased. Poor girl. Hopefully they will cut soon.

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GrandmaCJ said...

Poor Baby sunflower... well ... as passed down through our family was the cold wooden spoon remedy. It is .... putting a couple of wooden spoons in the freezer .. or refrig. and then give it to the baby to chew on. That seemed to help in two ways. One the cold usually felt good on the gums and also chewing on the wooden spoon helps cut the teeth through the gums.