Sunday, April 1, 2007

help me calm my brain! AUGH

It seems as though my brain is working - NON STOP! I cannot stand it. The past couple of nights I haven't been sleeping too well, as I just can't stop thinking. You wouldn't think this would be a bad thing, but I can't shut it off. I have so much going on right now and it's really starting to eat at me.
So, I work for my grandparents. My grandfather has been sick for a couple months now - it's nothing life threatening, but still enough to put him out of work for a while. With Grandpa being sick, they have decided to close the business and call it quits. Well, since they are closing, that puts myself, my mom and my aunt all out of work. I know it's what they need to do to help stay afloat, but it's stressful to lose a job. I have never lost a job in my life! I found out late last week that I will only be employed for another 2 weeks. Wow, 2 weeks! That's not that long. I'm not quite sure what we are going to do. Unfortunately, we cannot survive on one income. Maybe if we didn't have payments and grown-up bills, then sure. I don't start my nanny job until August. I really don't know how this will pan out, but I know everything will be fine in the long run. Hmm... it seems that is all I can think about.
On the upside, I went to dinner with my sister, Kayla, last night. We went to Ruby Tuesdays and had a nice little dinner and talk. I asked her to be Graycen's Godmother. It was a hard decision to make. I have 4 younger sisters; Molly, Kayla, Jordan and Sarah. I haven't been so lucky to know Molly for much of her life, so I asked Kayla. I have been in Kayla's life since she was born (with the exception of a couple years, but I'm not going in to that) Since I basically know Kayla and am just starting to get to know Molly (I have pretty much only been in her life for about the last year or so) I asked her. She gladly accepted.
We have our parent class for Graycen's baptism on Wednesday of next week! I am excited!!! :) I have finally made my decision on a church - St Mark's. I actually just recently found out that's the church I used to go to when I was a kid. I always went with my grandparents on my dad's side. Kind of neat that my daughter will now go there!

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Emilie said...

Hang in there, Kristine. It's hard to have less income coming in, but trust me, you can make it work -- and you'll be starting your new job in August, so it's only temporary.

It's great you found a church. I hear good things about St. Mark, and it's neat that you used to go there as a child with your grandparents!