Monday, April 16, 2007

Our Trip to the MN Zoo! (part 2)

Here we are walking through the tunnel to look at the Coral Reef Tank from below. It was pretty dark in I had to take another picture.
Graycen was LOVING the fish! David wold hold her standing next to the glass and every time a fish would come by, she would catch it and follow it with her eyes until a new one came along. She was getting so excited, flapping her arms and waving her hands. It was adorable! She was more into the fish than anything else there. I have added a video to the right of her getting excited about the fish.
After we were done on the Tropics Trail, we had some ice cream, fed Graycen and made our way over to Discovery Bay. I was so excited for this part. I love the dolphins. We sat on the wall and watched them for a while. I was able to catch a picture of them swimming and playing. This was the best shot.
When were done at Discovery Bay, we decided to make a trek along the Northern Trail. The first neat animal we came across was the Tiger. I had to zoom in pretty far to catch this guy!
This is how Graycen ended her trip to the MN Zoo. She was knocked out probably about half way through the Northern Trail. Sleepy girl. She was so tired, she stayed asleep while David transferred her to her car seat. Wow!

Our day was perfect! The weather was wonderful and we all enjoyed ourselves. I had to buy a dolphin bookmark and have a penny made for Graycen's baby book! This is our first trip to the zoo..I'm sure there won't be the last time we go out there!

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Sebekacj said...

what a wonderful experience. There is nothing more joyous in this world then watching the wonderment in our children as they discover the world around them.

Love the pictures, love the mini videos.