Monday, April 16, 2007

Our Trip to the MN Zoo! (part 1)

Today we went to the MN Zoo - for the first time with Graycen!! We had a great time. I think we went more for ourselves than for Graycen, but she enjoyed herself, too. *David and I have both been, but it was when we were little kids.*

On the way to the zoo, Graycen fell asleep. She fell hard, too! Little precious girl! Didn't know what she was getting herself into in a short while!

This was the first stop of animals that she looked at. It is a Chevrotain. Graycen was so amused by it. She kept touching the glass and would just stare at it. It was super cute!

Here we are walking along the Tropics Trail and of course, had to stop for a photo-op. The lighting in there is just gorgeous!

Another photo-op on Tropics Trail

Graycen was so amused by the Rubber Tree leaves. We were standing there and all of a sudden - she reaches up, so high, to try and grab the leaves. It was amazing watching her discover things.

since there is no more room for photos, I am going to make a second post!


Mama Ozzy said...

great pictures! Um, one thing though... I think some sort of scraggely, stray animal crawled onto David's chin and fell asleep... You better call someone about that! ;-)

Kristine said...

Sherri - I completely agree with you! He finally cleaned it up! I tell you, he holds on to the facial hair like it is never coming back.....
Cool to see you have a blog too! I added you to my list!

Mama Ozzy said...

Joey and I have decided that David looks like he is an Amash man...