Friday, April 13, 2007

Now...With Video!

Last night I figured out how to put video on here! I saw on the dashboard that it's a new feature. I figured I would give it a shot! I got my first 2 videos up. The one on top is Graycen on the day she was born. When she was really little like that, she would cry "la" It was out favorite thing. The second one is of Graycen trying to use her sippy cup by herself for the first time. Too cute! I'm glad I figured it out. Now, there will be plenty more!! :)


Judy said...

Oh your kid is so cute! Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for linking to goodyblog and nice to meet you!

Sebekacj said...

Thats grandma's little sunflower. Poor baby.. someone needed to bring her left hand out from under the tray. Maybe she would of done better with that other hand helping. I want more videos.. give me to all