Sunday, April 15, 2007

Our Funny Saturday

Today was a funny little day for us. Graycen and I were pretty much home all day by ourselves while David was at work. I had a couple funny little "stories" for David when he came home.

#1 - I put Graycen in her bouncer/rocker chair to play so I could get a few things done around the house. (i.e. clean - which didn't happen, by the way) Well, I come over and she has her legs up in the air and wrapped around the toy bar poles. Now, by the time I could get the camera, she had them out from behind the poles, but still up in there air. What a funny girl.

#2 - When it's time for the garbage to go out, I bag it up and put it on the porch. When David comes home or leaves, if there is garbage there, he takes it to the back. Well, today, I had put the garbage out there. Not too long after it went out, I heard a bunch of rustling and thought someone might be going through our trash. Ick. I get up to look out, and there is a squirrel there. I was able to grab the camera in enough time to snap his picture. He was sitting still because he heard the camera focusing. Crazy!

#3 - I think only other women will appreciate this one. :) Graycen was playing in the living room while I was checking my email. (She was about 12 feet from where I was sitting) The diaper bag was on the floor next to the coffee table - which is right next to where Graycen was sitting. Well, anytime there is anything near Graycen, she wants it. If it can tip - she tips it! I saw that she had tipped the diaper bag and was going to let her play (since there is nothing in her reach that would harm her) I kept looking over at her and saw her playing..she kept laughing and talking. Happy baby! Well, I get up to go play with her and I notice in her hand is a pantyliner. She didn't get only one out..oh no...there were 5 out all together. The rest were sprawled around her and on her lap...each one of them SOAKING WET! I thought it was too funny. The things kids do.

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liz said...

Ha - what a cutie you've got there! The panty liner thing is too funny. Reminds me of the time some boy in my 5th grade class found one in my classmate's backpack and, without missing a beat, she told him it was a bookmark. And he believed her! ;)