Friday, March 9, 2007

Mall of America

Yesterday we went to the Mall of America. It was Graycen's first trip there. I think she likes it there. She could not stop staring at all of the people (since there's tons of them!) David carried her almost the entire time we were there. That was proud daddy! All of the little old ladies thought it was so cute - daddy and baby. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! I am so glad we went. At the end, I stopped and got cup of Coldstone Creamery "Candy Land" It was de-lish!

Here's a picture of Graycen and David - her first time at the Mall of America.


Mommers / GrammersCJ said...

That is such a wonderful picture. I want you to know.. that has now become my desktop picture... see you tomorrow

Steph said...

Like I said, that is such an adorable picture! We go to the Mall of America quite frequently to walk around when we don't have anything to do, maybe we should all go together sometime!