Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I guess the Bumbo isn't loved by EVERYone!

After much consideration and tons of debating, we caved and bought Graycen a Bumbo. David and I have gone back and forth for so long about whether or not to get it. I made the jump decision to buy it the other night. We brought it home, put Graycen in it -with a little bit of a struggle due to her chubby legs and buddha belly- she just kind of sat there looking at us like "why am I in here?" The picture that I have put up was the happiest she was in it. I guess it doesn't get good reviews by us. It's a wonderful seat if your baby isn't a little pudger like ours!


Kristie said...

I love that picture. Too cute!

GrandmaCJ said...

Grandma's poor Graycie... pudge or not.. my love you MORE... cute picture... Grandma will be there in 2 days to hug, kiss, hold and play with you. Plus go shopping to spoil you.

Emilie said...

It's funny you write this because I returned ours last week. :) It just seemed like Daniel slumped over in it too much, and I wasn't sure if it was good for his back, etc. We sit him up enough during play time, so I didn't think he *needed* this.