Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

For me, Labor Day has been different ever since 2006. You see, I actually went into labor with Graycen on Labor Day. So since then, it has kind of served as a mini day of reflection for me. I constantly find myself thinking, "at this time xx years ago I was doing (fill in the blank.)" It has been 3 years since she was born but I still remember everything so clearly - almost to the minutes still. It's amazing!

Even though Graycen's birthday was 2 days ago I'm still going to wish her a very happy 3rd birthday.

Graycen -
To our little sweetie girl who is so incredibly intelligent, crazy, amazing, beautiful, imaginative and so many more words that I can't even come up with right now, Happy Birthday! Mommy, Daddy and Parker love you more than anything in this world! Hope your 3s bring you many good things!!
...And at this time 3 years ago I was probably just rolling (literally) out of bed getting ready to do some housecleaning...
Interested in reading her birth story? Click here.

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