Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I know it's your job and all..

but when I call to cancel something, please just let me cancel.

Through my bank I received an "offer you can't pass up." It was a 30 day free trial to Auto Advantage (like AAA) along with that, I would get a free iPod Shuffle. Well, I thought, hey, let me sign up, get the iPod and then cancel. WRONG! Your registration for the free iPod will be reviewed and fulfilled within 4-6 weeks and then it will take another 4-6 weeks to get it in the mail. I think they realize how many people will keep the membership until they receive the iPod and then cancel. By this time they've already gotten one month of their service out of you. A service you don't need or want and won't use in the 30 days because you are simply waiting for your free iPod. It's a bait and catch plan. They know what they are doing and it makes me sad that so many people get sucked into it, but I digress.

I called today to cancel the membership (since you don't find out about how long it takes them to actually process your registration for the iPod until you get your new member materials in the mail) I'm no sucker, I'm not waiting around to get the iPod and then cancelling. It's not worth it to me. So, the conversations goes something like this:

Me: Hi, I'm just calling because I would like to cancel my membership, please
Rep: Ok, Miss (yes, he said Miss) Jxxx. My name is Isaiah and I would be happy to assist you with that today.
...... *confirmed my name, address etc* .....
R: Ok, now, can I just ask why you want to cancel your membership Miss Jxxxx?
M: I just don't need it. My AAA covers everything that this covers.
R: Ok, but does it have... blah blah blah
M: Yes, it does.
R: Hmm... Somehow I don't think that's possible.
M: Well, it is. Can you please cancel my membership.
R: Ok, well right now we have wonderful giveaways and a couple of sweepstakes offers you can enter on our website.. blah blah blah.. you can win... blah blah blah...
M: Well, that's great for your customers. Can you please cancel my membership?
R: Ok, Miss Jxxx, I think you're making a big mistake.
..... * this is where I become Sasha Fierce* ......
M: Well, Isaiah, that was your name, right?
R: Yes, Miss, it is.
M: I called to have you cancel my membership and I have already asked you three times to cancel my membership. Up until now, I think I was pretty nice about it. I haven't cut you off once or anything. I would like to cancel my membership. I don't want it, I don't need it, I'm not going to keep it. Just cancel it.
R: Ok, I am sorry to hear you are frustrated Miss Jxxxx, but I think there are lots of..
...... *here's where I cut him off* ......
M: Remember when I just said about a minute ago that I was being nice and hadn't cut you off? Well, I'm cutting you off now. I want you to connect me to someone that will cancel my membership.
R: Ok Miss Jxxxx, I will cancel your membership. Please stay on the line for confirmation of cancellation and a confirmation number. You have a great day.
M: You as well.

I couldn't believe how long this went on. Kind of reminded me of this. David and I have both been through the hell that is named AOL. UGH!


Anonymous said...

You were more than patient... WTG

Rebecca said...

Oh, I love companies like this... I feel bad for the guy working for them. He has to hate his job.

anti-supermom said...

I'm with Rebecca, I bet he just hates that job. Sorry for you, sounds like a similar problem I seem to have with all dentists.

Marketing Mama said...

how freakin annoying! I remember talking with you before about how bad the AOL guys are. I feel your pain!