Friday, December 12, 2008

Some money saving tips.

Yesterday I received a mini ShopSmart magazine type thing from Consumer Reports and found some nifty little tips. Some I knew, some were new to me! I thought some of them would be useful to myself and was thinking some of you might benefit from one (or some) of these tips yourselves.

  • Instead of paying $47 for the Victoria's Secret IPEX demi bra - save yourself $34 and buy yourself a Gilligan & O'Malley bra (can be found at Target.) VS Bra - the strap stitching was flimsy and it puckered in the wash. GOM bra - It held up better after several washes than the other bras tested.
  • I think a lot of people already know this one, but the best airline to avoid super high prices is Souhtwest.
  • When shopping for items, to save money, look at the shelves above and below eye-level. They put the most expensive items at eye-level.
  • The PedEgg actually got higher scores than your plain-jane pumice stone. (I figured it was a sham and never tried it! I will be rethinking that now!
  • Instead of buying conventional tomatoes - try organic! Studies suggest that organic tomatoes have between 79 and 97 percent more of the two healthful flavonoids than conventionally grown tomatoes.
  • When buying an orchid jiggle it in the pot. If it wobbles around, it's not a good one. Make sure it sits firmly in the pot.

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Rebecca said...

Fascinating. I like the organic tomato tip (didn't know that) and the tip on orchids. I probably will never buy one because I have the touch of death with plants, but I found the tip fascinating.

Any tips on picking out a good avocado? I tend to end up with under-ripe or over-ripe. I can't seem to ever find the perfect one.