Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Works for me Wednesday - That's Bananas!!

I still don't get that saying. Anyways, that's not what works for me. What works for me is:
When we have bananas that are too ripe for eating (too bruised, old, soft and black) I save them. I let them get really ripe (almost fully black) and then stick them in the freezer for future use. I currently have 4 bananas in the freezer and there are 2 on the counter ripening some more just waiting to be put in the freezer. Whenever I am going to use them, I take them out of the freezer early in the day or the night before (to let them thaw) and then I peel 'em up and use 'em how I need 'em. (That was a lot of 'EMs huh)
I use them in pancakes, banana bread and as soon as Parker starts eating real food, I will use them for that, too.
That's what works for me. To get more tips go over to Rocks in my Dryer and check out the list!


Totallyscrappy said...

I just put two bananas in the freezer this morning. I alway peel mine first, though.
Great tip. :)

Rachel said...

I do the same thing! It sounds kind of strange, but if I need one and I've forgotten to take it out of the freezer, I put it in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes. It makes them a bit mushy, but that works well if I'm using them for baking.

Your Wednesday tips are great.

Maria said...

I do the same thing!

anti-supermom said...

Unfortunately, I have about 10 bananas in the freezer for banana bread. I really need to start making bread and stop blogging :)

Umm, nevermind.

Leanne said...

And they make great fake "iced lollies" for the kids.

Rebecca said...

Can you use black bananas in pancakes? I've only thought to use them for bread, and we use greeny-ripe ones in pancakes.