Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Works for me Wednesday - Sharpie on a toddler!

Yep, you read it right, Sharpie on a toddler! The other day Graycen got hold of a Sharpie while I was changing Parker's diaper. She wasted NO TIME at all to start coloring on her self. I came out of the bedroom and saw the Sharpie in her hand and black marking all over her face, arms, legs and feet. I didn't know what to do. You would think I would have followed in the steps of the poop party and took a picture or two before doing anything, right? Wrong! I was so concerned with getting it off of her little face that I couldn't! So what would you do next? Call grandma? Sharpie?? Well, I went to my dear old friend, Google! I googled "getting sharpie off of skin" and found TONS of responses. Some said to use on (or more) of the following:
paint thinner
nail polish remover
Mr clean magic eraser
rubbing alcohol
baby oil

Can you believe those? Paint thinner?? Acetone?? There was no way I was going to put any of those things on our little darling's skin. I tried baby oil first. I was just as shocked as you - it worked like a charm!!!
So, if you (or your child) ever get Sharpie on your skin, you can wipe it right off with baby oil.
I couldn't believe it worked for me! I hope it works for you some day!

Go check out more cool tips at Rocks in my Dryer


MIP said...

Very handy! The MR has only ever bic'd himself, but I am sure the day will come when he upgrades to sharpie.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

wow, I will soooo have to remmeber that! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

That's good to know since I always manage to get Sharpie all over myself whenever I use one....

Marketing Mama said...

LOL - great tip - glad you were able to get her cleaned up!!!

Tammy W said...

Wow - Baby oil! I have always used it to remove those temporary tattoos.

anti-supermom said...

Baby oil would still involve a trip to Target, I'd love the looks I'd get with my Sharpie'd boys racing down to aisle :)

Glad to see you back~

Anonymous said...

Better than putting it on the walls if you have to find a positive in all of this. The only other thing that I know of that gets it out as well is the alcahol that we use to sanitize our hands. That is what I use at work when I get sharpie marks on myself.. I would never have guessed baby oil. But.. where is the picture... that would of been another one for the book for when she grows up and you want to embarrass her.

Rebecca said...

Wow. Who knew? Baby oil. And they were recommending paint thinner and acetone?! Just stick with the basics, people!

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