Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Parker at one month

So, Parker is one month old (yesterday) I really can't believe it and don't know where the time has gone.
Parker is now awake a lot more, eating (a lot more) and sleeping well at night (thankfully!) His littler personality is starting to emerge and it's so cute! He squawks at you when he wants attention and its just hilarious! Graycen is doting on him even more and now if you ask her if she loves Parker, she will say yes. She kisses him all of the time and rubs his head when he's crying. When she wakes up in the morning, she comes into our room, peeks into the pack 'n play and asks if he is awake. She expresses a genuine interest in him and I am so excited to seeing what their relationship grows into.
Here are some pics of the little man at one month
Just chillin'

The smile that emerged yesterday -we're not 100% it's the real thing. Maybe it is and he is just happy because he is one month old!

The 'squawk face'

Graycen being big sister (doesn't she look huge next to him?)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the new pictures. I just love them of course. Boy does he look like his Daddy. Can't wait to see Dolly and Bud on Friday. You and Dave as well of course.

Emily said...

Love the new pics! I think he looks more like you. Its funny how they change so fast.

CP said...

Cute! Thanks for the well wishes! I will have to add you to my blogroll as well :)

Rebecca said...

Whoa, Parker! You are growing into a young man already!

Steph said...

That last picture definitely puts it into perspective. Pretty hard to believe Graycen was that size 2 years ago!!

anti-supermom said...

Isn't it crazy how your first born just appears to be this little kid when the second child comes, it was just like - wait a minute, I thought you were my baby. Time really does fly!

He's lookin' great.

MIP said...

One month already! Wow, those first few weeks really do fly. How cute are those two, so sweet.

liz said...

Parker is so big already! So cute!