Friday, July 11, 2008

Parker: 3 weeks (almost)

I called the doctor's office on Thursday of last week because I had forgotten to call and get him in to the doctor for a 2 week newborn check-up. I wasn't able to get him in until today (which is 2 days shy of being 3 weeks old) This is 1 week later than they wanted him to come in and 1 week before he would have had to go in for a 1 month check, so they called it even and it became both of his appointments in one. We saw a new doctor and for once,! She was really nice, sweet and I just plain felt comfortable with her. We will continue seeing her. She is also willing to see both kids at once. So, I was able to make Parker's 2 month appointment and Graycen's 2 year appointment for the same day and she will see them in the same visit! It's great! Parker weighed in at 10lbs (exactly!) which put him in the 97th percentile and is 21.5inches tall which put him in the 95th percentile. He's a big one - just like his sister!
She said he looks great. She asked how he was sleeping and I was telling her he sleeps anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours during the day and at night he goes one stretch for about 5-6.5 hours without waking up (usually around 7pm-12am) She couldn't believe he was already going for the stretch and apparently, we are very lucky! KNOCK ON WOOD!
So, everything looks good now and we will see how much he has grown and changed when we go back in on August 25. Yay for healthy babies!

Chilling on his tummy on a pillow (which he really seems to like)

Sleeping in the bouncer chair while I made breakfast for Graycen.


Anonymous said...

Love pictures, you know me. He is changing which I expected from the first time I saw him. Nice to hear that his Mommy & Daddy take such good care of him by his Doctors visit.

Marketing Mama said...

Adorable pictures. That's great news that you can combine their doctor appointments - and that you like the new ped so much! :)

jessica @pianomomsicle said...

What a big boy! i'm so glad he is healthy and happy. Those are also super cute pics!