Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cake Taker Top

Last week I received my Rectangular Cake Taker from Tupperware (it was an award coupon that I was so lucky to get to use so I only paid $12 and change for it!) Well, when it arrived at my door, I opened it and the top had a crack about a foot long in it. I called customer care and they are sending me out a new one. I asked what I should be doing with the defective one and the woman told me to throw it away. Ok, I thought for sure they were going to have me send it back, but nope. I tossed the top since it could be a harmful piece to have around but...if you look at the nifty bottom part of the cake taker, there are actually two sides to it. One side has mini-cups on it for cupcakes and the other side is flat for a cake. I knew I would be able to use it for something, so kept it. Well, when Graycen was wanting to paint the other day, I whipped out the bottom and put paint in the "cups" for her to use. We took it outside on the patio and I let her go to work. It seemed to work really well for me! I plan on using it for all kinds of crafting stuff for Graycen! It works for me!

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Heart of Wisdom said...

Very nice Cake Taker. I have not seen the new one.

Good idea on the broken one.

Thanks for sharing.

sunnymum said...

Looks like it would work great. Thanks for sharing the idea. Have a nice week.

Emilie said...