Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our Fun Weekend!

This past weekend we went up north to see David's parents. Well, David also had a show but that was one night and we stayed the whole weekend to sneak in a visit.
We had the chance to relax some and Graycen had the chance to play like nothing else and visit with her grandma and grandpa that she never gets to see. Graycen had a great time playing with grandma (or grams, granny, memaw - whatever she can say) They did all kinds of activities while there: coloring, painting a rock for grandma's garden, playing in the sandbox, gardening, coloring with chalk.... I feel like the list goes on forever!

On Saturday we made a trip to Brainerd. Bought lots of odds and ends and fabric for curtains for the kids' room.
Ma helped me make some curtains for the kids' room. They are a little crooked but hey- they are my first piece that I have successfully sewn. Sewing the one set of curtains and tie backs made me really want to go out, buy some fabric and come home and start sewing!! I don't know what, but something.

We didn't do much else while there and that is perfectly OK with me! Sherri stopped by on Sunday and gave us some stuff for Parker. I need to take pictures of the quilt and diaper bag she made for Parker. She also made one of those super cute tag blankets for Graycen (it's adorable!) and a cute little guy to go along with it. As soon as I get pics of them, I will put them up. They are too cute!


Steph said...

I love the pictures of Graycen--they are so adorable! (my favorites are the ones of her in the sandbox) I really like the curtains, they should match well with the ikea bedding you got. It looks like they fit well on the windows, I'm glad I could get you the measurements!

Anonymous said...

Yes the visit was wonderful and of course to short. I will be finishing up the little matching pillow for Dolly's bed. I am hoping to stop by a couple of fabric stores to see if I can find some kind of poka-dot fabric in primay colors for another pillow..
Love You

Marketing Mama said...

Okay - A) those pictures of Graycen are adorable, especially that little smirk.

B) the curtains are awesome! Way to go - tupperware lady and sewing curtains all in one month? Whoa... you are quite the domestic goddess!!! :)