Monday, June 9, 2008

Doctor appointment...AGAIN!

I feel like I really was just at the doctor. Well, I was there on Thursday of last week and my appointment for this week was today. It happened to be the only day I could get in this week was today.
Well, there has been some progress from 4 days ago - yay! I am now almost 2cm and have thinned out some more - not much, but some. My weight stayed the same, blood pressure still great and Parker's heartbeat was still "happy baby in there."
Last night while putting Graycen down for bed, Parker was moving so much and so strongly that it seriously felt like he was turning around. I was nearly in tears while this was happening - I couldn't believe it. I told the doctor this today and she looked at me, a little worried, and said "Well, I'm going to MAKE SURE I feel a head then." She was telling me her daughter turned herself around (from head down to butt down) at 37.5 weeks - wowza! Luckily, she felt Parker's head. I was afraid he was giving himself a version! ;-) She said it is very possible he was just turning over instead. Either way, I say - Parker Thomas, you stay in position!!
We'll see what happens in the next week. My next appointment is Monday of next week!


Anonymous said...

That was a crazy move... Parker Thomas better hang in there until the 16th... the he can come and see the world... Do not want you to be upset .. so he better settle down... Love Ya

Marketing Mama said...

Whoa - not much room left in there for him to turn these days, huh?

Have you taken any belly shots lately? Now is the time! I took my last shot at 38 weeks with Avery and I'm sad I didn't take one at 39 or 40...

Good luck!

jessica @pianomomsicle said...

Yay Baby Parker!

Come soon, sweet boy!

MIP said...

So exciting! He'll be here soon:)

Beth said...

Parker would be too big to turn around, but I suppose it has happened before, but really don't worry about it!

A version isn't so bad, but I'm sure he'll stay heads down.

I agree with Missy, get those belly shots in.

Mama Ozzy said...

Joey flip-flopped several times - the doctor even at one point admitted me to the hospital to flip him manually which didn't work... but he settle down just time time for a fast and even easy delivery... All I am saying is don't worry too much about it! :-) Sherri