Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Big girl randoms!

Another realization - Lately, with coming to the end of this pregnancy, I have pretty much only posted about that and I have let updates and pictures about Graycen slide by the wayside. I am so sorry little Graycie! So..here is a post just for Graycen!

In the words *er* spelling of Fergie: "G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S"

Big girl in pig tails, a dress and her new sandals!

This is a series of pictures to show just how weird this little girl is....
The other night Miss Graycen was 'helping' me clean. We know how that goes. Well, she came out of her room wearing just a diaper and her shoes. She took off all of her clothes and put her shoes on. What a weirdo! Graycen found an old set of headphones in a box of stuff that I had pulled out of the closet. She kept trying to put them on. Eventually she got upset and came to David with them for help. She kept walking around the tripping on the cord, so David wrapped it around her waist and tucked the cord into her diaper.
She decided it was time to be done.

I think we might have a future Julliard student on our hands. The girl loves to dance, loves music and is such a drama queen! It doesn't matter where the music is coming from or what it is. It can be a commercial with a stupid little song or something as small as the rhythm the air conditioner is making and she will dance to it. As far as the drama queen - when she doesn't get her way or something that she wants she will bust out and say "Oh God!" or "Oh Man!" and it's usually followed up with a dramatic slumping to the floor. Oh, the drama!

Poor girl is teething - STILL. She's working on her two-year molars and it is making her off and on cranky. The constant drooling leads to wet necklines. I feel bad for the girl.

David dropped the f-bomb one day. Unfortunately, Graycen heard it and repeated it. Since then, every once in a while if she drops something or loses something she says "Oh fwick" (that's what it sounds like when she says it) The first time she said it, I couldn't figure out what she was saying. I asked David if he had any idea and that's when I learned about our 21 month old learning the 'f' word. Great! I don't know how to discourage the word other than telling her it's a naughty word to say and I ask her not to say it.

Animal sounds and pointing out EVERYTHING she knows is about all she does these days! If she doesn't know what something is, she will sit there and keep saying, "What's this?" until you answer her. It's so cute! It can also be kind of annoying sometimes - she'll sit next to you pointing to every single thing in her sight asking what it is. You get to a point where she will ask what the same thing is over and over and over again. A lot of times when she hears a new word she repeats it. I love it!


Beth said...

She's killer cute. I love that she dances to the air conditioner, what a great picture that puts in my head!

Steph said...

I love the picture of Graycen holding the headphones on her head. It reminds me of celebrity photos of celebrities doing that, plus the lighting is great. :)

Anonymous said...

You know me, I just love pictures. Tomorrow is my day that picked for Parkers arrival... on your blog even though I originally said the 19th. love you all

Kaosong said...

She looks so much bigger now. I remember the first time Roan said something we didn't want him to say also.

Emilie said...

That's so funny! Daniel says, "What's that?" a lot. And despite my constant s-bombs and g.d.-bombs and more occasional f-bombs, I haven't heard him try to imitate them yet. Of course, whenever he says the word "truck," it comes out sounding like the f-word, so I guess we do get to hear it. :)

Marketing Mama said...

Alex copied me saying Oh Shit before. Proud mommy moment explaining that one to daycare. I tried to change it up on him and give him an alternative - so I taught him we say "Oh Man" and he moved onto that after a few days. Everyone says to just ignore the bad words and they'll forget.