Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ooooh smooth!

Recently I have been in dire need of some new body lotion. I have been seeing ads for the new Dove Cream Oil body lotion and have wanted to try it. I found a coupon for $1.50 off (which is a GREAT coupon) and it was on sale at Target last week so I sprung and bought it.
I had forgotten that I bought it and remembered last night after I took my shower. I used it for the first time and boy, do I love it. I bought the smaller, squeeze bottle. Next time, I will buy the larger, pump bottle. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and it gave it a little healthy shimmery "glow." I just love it! Usually I have really, really dry elbows and just can't get them to not be scratchy and this lotion did the trick! Not usualy one to rave about something that I have purchased and like but I was very curious about it myself and am always hesitant about spending extra money on something like lotion.
If you want a free sample, you can go here and request it.

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