Monday, March 17, 2008

Yaaay!! It's Shamrock Shake Day!

er.. St Patrick's Day! I am so excited that it is St Patrick's Day. When we were kids, my mom used to go out on St Patrick's Day with her girlfriends and before she left, she would ALWAYS go to McDonald's and get us each a Shamrock Shake. I hated it any time my mom went out except for St Patrick's Day because we got a special treat that day! :) I have to work this evening, but you can bet I will be stopping at McDonald's either on my way to or from work to pick one up! Liz, not sure if you can get one out there in New Mexico, but I will take a few (thick) sips of mine for you just in case!


Marketing Mama said...

I love anything green and minty... and these shakes rock. Unfortunately I'm going to have to pass it up in favor of my diet. So take a few extra sips for me, too!

liz said...

Sigh... I have gone to 3 different McD's in the past week and none of them have had the Shamrock Shake (causing confusion when I then tried to get out of the drive-thru line!). I had one last year, so I know that in theory NM has them, but... I can't find them this year! It's so sad. I may have to make one myself at home! ;)


Kaosong said...

I love those memories! I've never had a Shamrock Shake.

Vicki (aka Kodi's mommy) said...

Ahhh...I got my fix a week or so ago. I make sure I get one every year. Love, love, love them!

Nelle said...

Kristine! I read some of your blogs, and I think they are absolutely wonderful! I never knew you were such a talented writer! I love reading about Graycen and her adventures! You seem like a great mommy! I still haven't gotten the chance to meet her yet, but hopefully soon when Parker arrives!

Hope all is well!

Your cousin,
Denelle :)