Sunday, March 9, 2008

Top Chef - Season 4: Chicago

I am so happy that Top Chef is starting up again. There are very few shows that I get excited about and this is one of my 'do not miss' shows! I *really* wish I had a DVR so I could record it on the nights I have to work instead of having to catch it second run the next day.
I am hoping a female wins this year! That would be AWESOME!!

Wednesday is just too far away!!


Anonymous said...

I really miss IRON CHEF.. but since we went to cable TV... I don't get it. And the one show that I never missed was Gene Simmons Family Jewels... but have not been able to see that since switching also. I think it still shows, but it is too late for me.

MIP said...

Ditto on being excited for the return of Top Chef, the husband and I have been counting down to it's return :)