Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Now we're really going to have CRAZY parents out there

I was just reading this article about a 17 month old girl that can read and the first thing I thought wasn't "Wow, that's awesome!" it was more like "Oh great, how many parents are going to push this one on their kids?" So many people out there feel like they have to constantly shove learning down their kids' throats. What happened to letting kids be kids? Sure, we do educational things with Graycen but I don't think it's something that has to be crammed into every waking minute of these little kids' daily lives. We watch her Baby Signs video, learn some sign language, read, do stimulating activities and talk about EVERYTHING under the sun but I let her play with her toys and I play with her toys with her. Graycen really does have way more toys than is necessary but hey, we didn't buy them all. She is a very smart girl and it all came with the little things we have done - you can see how extensive her vocabulary is for her age and I simply think it is due to the fact that we are always talking to her. We point out everything and talk to her all day long. She may not understand a lot of what we are saying but we continue to talk. I could go on with this subject for days and still have things to say about it, so I am going to cut it now before I get too frustrated!

EDITED TO ADD: I understand that the parents of this girl weren't the type that pushed everything and that they actually were honestly surprised when they learned their daughter could talk and read the way that she does. I guess I was trying to express how I hate the parents that ARE like that. I know there are a lot of kids out there that are very smart and advanced for their age and can do all of these wonderful things that nobody expects or even really teaches them, but for those parents there are the ones that have to 'one up' them and they are the ones that push everything in the kid's face and try to make them smarter. I'm sorry if I'm still not making much sense. Basically, I was trying to say because they have a naturally talented/smart girl, there are lots of parents that will try to make their kid the same way. I hope I don't sound like some bitter, jealous parent - because I am not. I think it is amazing what their child can do and they have every right to be extremely proud of her. It was just that my first thought was of all of the parents that have to force it on their kids now because they saw a smart girl on TV.

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Marketing Mama said...

Hi Kristine! That's interesting that this was your reaction. I watched the video clip of the story on the Today Show. The parents seemed pretty laid back - they sounded just like us. They read to her, taught her sign language using "Signing Time" - which you know I love - and she surprised them that she could read. They don't use flashcards, etc.

I think it's great she has that skill, but she also has a great vocabulary for her age. At 17 months Alex could only say a few words (but signed over 50 or so). I know boys speak later than girls most of the time, but this little girl on the show was speaking in full sentences. I guess in order to read those words she has to know quite a few.

She was also sounding out words that she didn't know, which is quite impressive....

I guess I wasn't as mad as you were when you saw this!