Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Great Minnesota Get Together!

Yes, I am talking about the State Fair. Yes, I know it is only March and I still have to wait 5 months for it to get here. I don't care! Tonight some guys at work were talking about the fair and they got into talking about the food. The last thing you want to do is talk to a 7 months pregnant woman about food at 10:30 at night... mmmm.... all I can think of are the different foods I want to have when we go this year. With certainty, I can tell you I will be having:
  • cheese curds
  • a bucket of fries
  • some sweet martha's cookies
  • an ear or two of roasted corn on the cob
  • a pork chop on a stick
  • a kiwanis (sp?) brothers' shake

I am also thinking about maybe trying the deep fried candy bar this year, too. Mmmm... it's going to be a really long wait til August 21!


Anonymous said...

Yes.... I can see your mind working on all of those foods late at night, hungry, and pregnant. But you know, when it comes down to being at the fair, who knows what you will be in the mood for. I realize that some foods are a given, but others on your list might change.. who knows. I sure miss going to the fair.

kristine said...

Oh those are givens. I have had them every single year. Well, minus the porkchop on a stick. Every year when I go, I always get those things. They are like "my staples" when it comes to the fair. I am sure I will have other things (usually the things David gets, I try)

Emily said...

All of the above sound awesome! I will be so happy to push a stroller this year, rather than waddle my big belly around.

pianomomsicle said...

The fair is possibly my favorite time of year. Well, that and Christmas. You got me hungry for corn dogs and mini donuts!
People from other states think Minnesotans are nuts with our obsession over a fair, but those people don't know what they're missing!