Friday, March 21, 2008

Can you hear me now? Good!

So, we went to Graycen's 18 month appointment today (which was 2 weeks later than it should have been)
She weighed in at 30.4lbs (88th percentile)
She is 33.5 inches tall (93rd percentile)
Her head was 19 inches around (90th percentile)
Doctor said her vocabulary is outstanding, she looks great, her behaviors are wonderful and "She looks like a wonderfully, well rounded, spunky young lady" Young lady?!?! OMG!
He talked about potty training and since Graycen is a female "It is mom's sole duty to potty train her. I mean, since they learn from observation and all" Are you kidding me? Just because dad doesn't have a vagina doesn't mean he can't show a little girl how to sit on a potty. Give me a break!
He also couldn't hear very well (which the nurse told us about before he came in) He asked me a question, I didn't completely hear what he said and I said "I'm sorry, what did you say?" He replied with "OK, that's great!" Wow, oh wow.
I can guarantee we will *NOT* be seeing this doctor again!


Anonymous said...

I remember when Dave was a baby... one of the doctors that saw him at his 6 week checkup.. said that he was to fat and demanded that he go on a diet. I freaked out that I was creating a FAT baby, so I had to "water" down his formula (doc. recommendation). Poor baby .. he screamed all the time, he was so hungry. So I called and made another appointment with another doctor... was not going back to that one. The new one.. said.. feel the poor thing. Some babies are more hungry than others. We will worry about his weight after he is 2 years old. Look at my little boy now... what a handsome, slim man........... go for it.. go to another doctor.... you have that right.

Marketing Mama said...

Holy crap - what a crazy visit. I think the doctors are probably bored to death with well-child visits... It's just rote memory, make the parents feel good about you, hope the child doesn't cry, etc. I agree you shouldn't see him again! We have one doc we see for all the well-child visits, but for sick visits we rotate to whomever is available within the practice if our doc isn't...

Steph said...

So, had you seen this doctor before?

kristine said...

Missy - we used to always see the same doctor, too, but we recently changed clinics and now we're trying to find out fit.

Steph - No, we hadn't seen him before....and we won't again! lol