Friday, February 15, 2008

She looks like such a big girl!

For Christmas I got this thick, black, sparkly headband from my Grandma. She bought herself and my cousin matching ones. Well, I don't really wear headbands so I let Graycen play with it. She always wants me to put it on her, so I do. Just about every single time I put it on her, I try to get a picture, but never ever ever succeed! Well, today I did! She wore it for nearly an hour! She looks so old with it on. I can't believe it! Judge for yourself!


Anonymous said...

My Dolly is so pretty. Can't wait to see her tomorrow... hugs and kisses.. and yes it does make her look older.

Soupy said...

oh wow, it's amazing what something like a headband will do- she does look older! Older but still just as adorable! :)