Monday, February 4, 2008

Girls Night Out!

Last night Graycen and I made a run to Rosedale and Target. The poor girl was in dire need of some shirts (after I tried 3 separate shirts on her and didn't find one that fit until the 4th shirt!) and some shoes. Graycen has never had real shoes. Since her feet are wide and fat, it's been nearly impossible to find her anything other than Robeez. Now that she is a little speed demon and runnng all over the place, I figured it was time I spend a good chunk of money on a pair of shoes for her. We went to Stride Rite where I got her feet measured and we tried some shoes on her. She measured 6.5 wide! WOW!! Since they don't carry wides in every shoe that they have, it is the general rule that you go up a size for a wide foot. I can't believe I bought our daughter a 7.5 shoe! I also can't believe I spent $46 on a pair of shoes she will be able to wear for about 6 months - if we're lucky! It's worth it though. Every single pair of shoes I ever try on her are always too small or too tight. Her fat rolls out and she cries because they are too tight.
Here are her new kicks!!
Our next stop was Herberger's. I wanted to scope out the clearance!!! Boy, did they have some good clearance for Miss Chunk Butt. I bought her two Oshkosh shirts that would have cost me $42 together for only $9.98. What a bargain!

After hitting Herberger's we checked out JC Penney's. They usually have REALLY good clearance! Well, they did - 75% off the original price. Because I was too late to the game, I only found one shirt. It cost $2.97. I struggled a little whether to buy it or not since I am not much of a character clothes person. With it being such a good deal, it was cute and Graycen needed shirts, I decided to get it!

They also had 2/$10 on their Okie Dokie separates. I bought her two shirts on that deal!

That about wrapped up our trip to the mall. Afterwards, I had to go to Target for a few things and of course, couldn't pass up looking at clothes there! I bought her 2 super cute shirts!

And this cute little outfit that was on clearance for $6.98/piece.

She's going to need some more spring shirts, pants and shorts, but I needed to get her shirts to get us by now! What a fun night with my chunky monkey!


Soupy said...

Adorable! Love the deals, love the cloths, LOVE the shoes, and I LOVE the foot and leg model in the pics (*wink wink*) LOL

Anonymous said...

When I am there and everyone want to take a run... we can shop for her for spring if you want.. and some new baby things.. you know.... love to all ... see you in 11 days..

Emily said...

We picked up a few of the okie tops last weekend too. They are so cute! I love summer clothes!

Marketing Mama said...

Those shoes are adorable. We spend too much on shoes, too, for wide feet. Have you checked out the new "Little Feet" stores yet? They sell Stride Rites and Robeez, and other top brands. I know there is one in Maple Grove Fountains -and one in Ridgedale. We love it. By the way, Robeez is coming out with a new outdoor line with rubber soles, called Tredz I think - in the next few weeks.