Monday, August 27, 2007

Since I never seem to update...

It seems as though every time I update, there is LOTS to say. Last weekend Graycen and I went to the Children's Museum with Betsy, Connor and Catelyn. We had a really good time!! We were actually supposed to go to the Como Zoo, but it was raining so we had to make a change in plans. We decided on the Children's Museum, which was SUPER packed! What do you expect on a rainy Saturday? Nonetheless, it was a great time.

Graycen playing in the Habitot area.

Graycen and Catelyn "writing" their names on the chalkboard.

Just checking out her mail.

I don't remember what night it was, but Graycen and I joined Steph and Hailey at the play area in Rosedale Mall. We went around 4:30 on a weeknight - it was SO busy. It seemed like the girls liked it, but there were so many big kids that should not have been in there, jumping around like monkeys. There were kids doing things they shouldn't have been and the parents weren't watching them to tell them to stop. I think because we were in a 'contained' area, they just kind of thought it was OK to sit and talk to their friends, instead of watching their kids. After playing for all of like 15 minutes, we decided to walk the mall. It was kind of nice to just be out. We followed up our trip to Rosedale with dinner at Ruby Tuesday's, where our service fell very short good.

On Saturday, we had my mom's wedding reception. Her and her then fiancé, John, were married August 10. They went to Sturgis with a bunch of friends and my aunt & uncle. They decided to get married while there. My Grandma threw them a reception on Saturday. We had so much fun!!! Graycen was so well behaved, thankfully. Around 7:30pm Graycen had a complete meltdown, which required David to take her home to put her to bed. I was going to leave too, but being the wonderful husband that he is, he kind of made me stay. Thank you, David. We danced and laughed so much. I left a couple of hours later with Mike, Aimee & Alexis. Congratulations Mom & John!

mommy & baby

The Happy Couple.

Their fun cake!

Grandma, Aunt Rae, My Mom - the Bride! Our day started at 7:14am. We have already been busy. OK, David is at work so it was all me working. I have been making phone calls and sending emails. We are now prepping for our move in less than one week! Wow.

When I think about time, I can't believe it. Graycen's first birthday is next week. Our little baby will be 1! It seems as though her little vocabulary is growing quickly. Yesterday morning she said "ny-ny" when she laid her head down on my pillow. Last nigh she said "Ernie" while in the tub and playing with her floating Ernie. Where is the baby going? I really can't believe she is going to be a toddler soon. Too soon! No walking yet, no real steps yet, actually. It's OK. I'm not worried about it. She stands like a madwoman, though. Always standing and dancing.

Hope all is well with everyone!!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the 3 of you on Sept 15th. I am sure that I have gathered way to many things for her birthday.. but she our Baby Doll. David needs to have his tools ready when I get there.

You and Dave have until the 15th to decide where we are going for dinner. Someplace that you both want to go really badly and that Graycen can handle.

Love to all.

pianomomsicle said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun last week! Happy happy first mom-iversary to you! You sound like you are a great mom, and Graycen is lucky to have you. It's crazy how fast they grow, huh? One year, wow. Remember when we were preggo together at Best Buy, just for a tiny bit before you quit and i transferred? That wasn't really that long ago, but so much has changed!