Friday, June 15, 2007

What is...

**What’s something you were into before it became popular? I know it's not an item, but I LOVED Howie Day before people 'discovered' him. I like to keep my people to myself, once they become popular I kind of detach from them.
**What’s something you were reluctant to jump on the bandwagon with, but now are totally into? Blogging!
**What’s a current trend or fad you just don’t get? Ripped/torn jeans. What's the point of paying $80 for something you can do yourself?
**If you could turn any current fondness of yours into a popular trend, what would it be? I really don't know...wearing comfy clothes ALL THE TIME!!
**What’s something that’s totally uncool that you love anyway? The show 7th Heaven. I am hooked and very sad it has ended.

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Emilie said...

Good one! I answered on my blog. :)