Sunday, June 10, 2007

Poor Baby

Poor little Graycie either has some sort of stomach bug or she has teething symptoms of which I have only heard of and she has never experienced before. For the past day and a half Graycen has had horrible diarrhea. She woke up two times during the night shrieking from the pain. I feel so bad for her. It seems like it is on the way out though. Get well baby.


Sebekacj said...

Grandma's poor baby. I have not heard anymore about crawling attemps as well as the outcome of her regular doctors appointment that she just had.

Kristine said...

Mother dear, she is still doing the same thing. Off and on crawling. You mus nt have read the updated version of the doctor one. I said we were going in this week and I wil lpost results afterwards!!! :)