Saturday, April 28, 2007

just to document...

We are pretty sure Graycen said "dada" today. Well, we know she said it, but we think she meant it this time. She always says "dadadadadada," "mamamamama" and "babababababa" but today she said "da-da" a couple times and not in a row. The last time she said it, I said to David "I think she means it babe." It's crazy to think maybe she really did mean it. We are documenting it and if it turns out later that it wasn't her first word, well, then we will change it! It's exciting to think this was the real thing though!

**edited to update 5/1/07**

Well, it may have been the real thing, but I guess we won't really know for sure until later. In my weekly email from it said:

By 9 months, your baby will say consonant-vowel strings ("ba ba" or "da da") or vowel-consonant strings ("ab ab"); this behavior is known as babbling. He follows simple verbal direction such as "Get the toy" or "Press the button" when it's accompanied by a gesture. At 10 months, he babbles with intonation; this sounds like talking, but there are no real words. Respond to your baby's jabbering with "Is that so?" or "That's interesting."

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GrandmaCJ said...

I am sure that it was DaDa... it has to be.. I have complete confidence in my little sunflower.