Tuesday, February 20, 2007

rolie, polie, olie

..yeah, I know that's the title of a cartoon!

Graycen has FINALLY rolled over!! Seriously, she is 24 weeks old and just on Sunday decided she was going to accomplish the BIG trick!! We were sitting there playing with Freddie (her Firefly from Grandma CJ) when she rolled over to get him. She rolled from her back to her tummy. We always do lots of tummy time and I even "help" her roll over, but she obviously didn't feel ready for it until now. Unfortunately, David wasn't home when she did it on Sunday, but he was home last night and she did it twice then!! Yay for the baby!! It was so exciting seeing her finally accomplish this big step. :)

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GrandmaCJ said...

Thats my girl. Pretty soon I will be visiting... you know the every 2 month visit. Graycie can show me. Mom and Dad need to take a mini video of it with their camera and send it to Grandma...
Hugs and kisses.