Monday, February 12, 2007

Perfect.....I think

I think I have found my perfect work situation. So, I have been looking into becoming a nanny for a family. Since I can only bring Graycen to work with me for still an undetermined amount of time - I figured this would be the next closest option to staying home with Graycen. About 2 weeks ago, I received an email from a woman that saw my profile on I've had my profile on there for a while and there have been some leads, but nothing too exciting. The day before she emailed me I received an email from their site asking me to log in to my account to keep it active. I contemplated - did I really want to continue or just stop? I decided to log in. It was around 8:30pm Saturday night. I got an email from Katy at 2:20am Sunday morning. She said she had read my profile and instantly felt comfortable and like she knew me. We emailed back and forth for a day or two. In emailing we found that we only lived 7 blocks from each other. We decided to meet on Tuesday. Tuesday came - we met at J&S Bean Factory - located about 4 blocks from each of us. We sat there for almost two hours - just talking! It was nice to have a grown-up conversation with someone other than my husband or relative. We got along great and clicked instantly. Graycen started to get fussy - so it was time to go. We both left feeling really good and she said "I would love for you to meet my husband and son - I'll talk to you soon" We got into our cars and left.

a little background on the family: Katy & Brett are married - they have a 3.5 year old son named Owen. They are adopting a baby girl from Columbia this summer. She will probably be about 6 months old come August. Brett is a teacher and Katy is a social worker at a school. They would need someone to care for their daughter Monday - Friday from 8am - 1pm. Owen would be brought to the bus in the morning and picked up from the bus afternoon. I would see Owen for about 1-1.5 hours/day.

Katy and I emailed back and forth -talking about what would be going on, hours - etc. She asked if I was available Saturday to come over to meet Owen & Brett (son & husband) I said sure! Saturday came and Graycie and I packed up and head over! Her son was a ball of energy! They asked me some more questions - we talked some - I asked some questions - we talked some more. Well, everything felt great and then we got to the end, the all dreaded topic - SALARY. Before I went over there I had a figure in my head. I said if they offered anything lower than that amount I was going to have to turn it down. Lo and behold - my low number was their number!! I was secretly and quietly THRILLED!! I then asked what would happen come the summer months when they both weren't working - they decided that since they wouldn't want to lose me for the next school year and didn't want to leave me unemployed - they would still pay me and I would maybe work 1 day a week. So essentially, I would be paid for the summer months and really not even have to work. They said I should go home and discuss it with David - we'd talk later. I talked to David. I think I should take the job. It is a little bit of a cut from where I am now, but there are a TON of advantages to this job: I can't bring Graycen to work with me forever at my current job - with being a nanny, I can, they don't plan on claiming it for tax purposes so I get more money, I get to spend all day with my daughter and someone else's daughter (a job I have always wanted) and I kind of get the summer off. I went back and forth for so long and the verdict is in


Now comes the part of telling my Grandparents I will be leaving in August. :-( - that comes tomorrow.


MommaCJ said...

I am so proud of you for taking that job. I is not an easy decision to make about employment and family... sounds like that would fit in perfect. Graycie gets her Mommy and the days that Daddy doesn't work... then she can spend it with him.. Oh what fun.

LutherLiz said...

Sounds like a great set up. It is so nice when things fall into place.

Kristie said...

That sounds like a wonderful opportunity! Congrats!!

Emilie said...

I'm so glad you found a situation you're so comfortable with! That is wonderful!!