Tuesday, February 27, 2007

For Fun!

Just for fun - here are some pictures!

Graycen playing with the "big kids" Connor & Catelyn. We call what she is doing - swimming - she puts her arms back, kicks her legs and flails her arms.

Graycen trying SO HARD to crawl! Even though she can't yet!

My God Son, Connor, showing Graycen how to hook links together.

My God Daughter, Catelyn, sharing links "Lady & The Tramp" style with Graycen.

How Graycen "opens wide" for her food!

This is the face Graycen makes every time she takes a sip of water from the sippy cup.


GrandmaCJ said...

GrandmaCJ.......loves pictures. These were fun to see.

Auntie Kayla. said...

Awwwww. Look at my gorgeous little niece.
I love the swimming!