Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!!

So we kicked off the new year with a big first. For the last 3 1/2 months Graycen has been sleeping with us in our bed. (Yes, we were cosleeping) Well, now that she is 4 months old, we felt it was time to really attempt to make the transition into her crib. We put her down last night and she fussed for a couple minutes and then as I sat outside her door, breathing ever so quietly and trying to contain my cry and sniffles - she stopped. Our baby fell asleep on her own in her crib for the very first time. When she didn't cry again for the next 10 minutes (yes, I was STILL sitting outside her door) I felt sad. I cried even harder. I was so happy and proud of her for falling asleep on her own, but it made me sad to think - maybe she doesn't need me. EXACTLY!! She doesn't need me (to go to sleep, anyway) Well, I got over it and went downstairs to ring in the new year with my dear husband - which was great! Graycen then slept 8 hours and 11 minutes straight! She did just fine. I am so proud of my baby girl. It almost made me feel really good to think, maybe, just maybe, I did something right then - to let her become independent enough to not have to rely on me to go to sleep. Oh, I love her dearly. Tonight is night number two!! She has been sleeping so soundly for almost 2 hours now! Happy New Year everyone!

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Emilie said...

Oh, I love that you've been cosleeping! :) We hadn't exactly been doing that with Daniel, although he was in our room in a bassinet next to the bed (and he sometimes ends up in our bed), and he does sleep with us on vacations when we have a king size bed. It was at the beginning of December — when he was just over 3 months — that we tried letting him spend the night in his crib, in his own room, for the first time. Of course, it was probably harder for us than for him. He slept so well, but I missed him so much all night. So I feel your pain. :)